The Meme Coin
Behind BSCgems

Bogecoin powers the BSCgems launchpad, voting, and Gem Finder app for Binance Smart Chain projects

Tokenomics & Overview

BOGE is a deflationary, autostaking, and securetoken on Binance Smart Chain that powers BSCgems.com, a launch pad and voting application for new BSC projects. Earn more BOGE by simply holding tokens in your wallet.
2% transaction fee
Each transaction $BOGE gets burned and redistributed to $BOGE holders proportional to total supply.

Tokenomics To Push
The Price Higher

Real burns. Our burns legitimately remove tokens from circulation, unlike many yield farms which merely burn newly minted tokens.

Earn Automatically without complicated staking schemes

Don't worry about locking your coins away in a staking pool. Simply hold BOGE in your wallet and you will receive more from network transactions.

Audited Contracts
& Liquidity Tokens Burned

Liquidity has been permanently burned, with no chance of a rug pull. All contracts have been audited by TechRate for your safety.

The BSCgems app utilizes BOGE, creating natural demand

Our app has mechanisms that push the price of BOGE higher such as requiring users to hold BOGE to submit new coins to the platform, and with fees gathered from the launchpad platform, which is used to buy BOGE on the market and burn them permentantly.
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BSCgems Ecosystem

An entire ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain tools for investors and newer crypto projects. Explore some of our applications below!


Our audited platform allows for fair distribution of tokens, vetted projects, and dedicated marketing budgets. A 5% marketing fee is charged and used to purchase and burn BOGE, pushing the price higher.
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voting platform

Projects will have the option to submit to our platform for weekly voting contests. New voting contests start on Monday UTC and last 1 week. This give all projects an equal chance to compete per voting round.
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gem finder

Use our Gem Finder application to find the best performing coins on Binance Smart Chain, with metrics and charts to help you invest. Many of the projects can't be found through typical outlets like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

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